About Sanford and Son RC

Sanford and Son RC specializes in creating custom RC Driver web pages, and developing RC-related E-Commerce websites. We developed DE Racing’s E-Commerce website (www.deracing.net) and will be looking to offer similar solutions to other such companies in the near future.

team_sanfordandsonWe have been a part of the Southern California RC racing scene since 2006, and have attended many RC racing events. We know first hand the investment in time and money required to remain competitive, and we are here to help you, whether your goal is to become a sponsored RC Racer, or if you just want to have fun in this great hobby of ours.

Larry Sanford is an expert in Information Systems, with a degree in Mathematics from Arizona State University. He has many years of experience in Systems Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, Multimedia development, Project Management and E-Commerce web development.

Lucas Sanford has a degree in Administration and Information Management from California State University San Bernardino, and brings a unique perspective to Sanford and Son RC, having raced RC cars professionally for a number of years now. Lucas’ sponsors include Kyosho, Tekin Racing, AKA Racing, DE Racing, KO Propo, TTN Racing, Vision Racing Products and Upgrade RC. His RC Driver web page can be seen at www.LucasSanford.com.

What We Offer

If you are a young RC car driver looking to improve your image and make yourself known in the RC industry, you need a personal RC car driver website. We have many years of experience in RC racing, and we know what sponsors are looking for. We can develop for you a professional looking RC car driver website that will help you communicate a positive image to potential sponsors.

If you are already a sponsored driver, but you do not yet have a personal website, we can develop one for you. The Gallery section of our website has a few examples of the RC car driver websites we have already developed.

If you are a small business trying to get your RC products to market, you need a full-featured E-Commerce website. We developed and have been maintaining the DE Racing website since its inception, and we can build a similar website for your company.

Sanford and Son RC is always looking for ways to help market our services. We have a profile (thru our sister company, GLOLAR Multimedia) on Thumbtack. Thumbtack is a good way for us to help show off our expertise. Check out our profile to learn even more about what we do!