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Club Racing the Kyosho TF-5 at Cal Raceway

Sanford and Son RC visited Cal Raceway in Orange, CA on November 15, 2015. Since the new TF-7 is waiting for spare parts, we dusted off the TF-5 for some Sunday club racing. The car was fantastic, and I was able to TQ rounds 1 and 2, and win the A Main in the 17.5...
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Kyosho TF-5 Onroad Car

I couldn't find a Kyosho TF-6 anywhere, but I found a TF-5 online, so I bought it. I also added some new Kyosho shocks. Made a custom battery tray to hold a shorty pack, and headed out to CVRC Raceway in Chula Vista, CA for some practice laps. The car was pushing, so I added softer...
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New Track Star RC Website!

Jimmy Wright, Owner of Track Star RC: “This past September 3rd, Track Star RC started its 5th year in business. To celebrate, Track Star RC has commissioned Sanford and Son RC to do a website makeover. This new website provides a more up to date look, and adds some neat features, including a Blog, to...
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