About Us

Sanford and Son RC, back in the day.
Sanford and Son RC, back in the day.

Larry Sanford is an expert in Information Systems, with a degree in Mathematics from Arizona State University. He has many years of experience in Systems Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, Multimedia development, Project Management and E-Commerce Web Development.

Lucas Sanford has a degree in Administration and Information Systems from California State University San Bernardino, and brings a unique perspective to Sanford and Son RC. Before teaming up with his father, Larry, he was a professional RC Car Driver (the origin of the “RC” in Sanford and Son RC). Lucas raced RC cars for a number of years, and his sponsors included Kyosho, Tekin Racing, AKA Racing, DE Racing, KO Propo, TTN Racing, Vision Racing Products and Upgrade RC. His old RC racing website can be seen here. Lucas also founded his own FPV Drone Racing business, Sky Ready RC, in 2017.

Gloria Sanford

Larry has been designing and developing websites since 1994, and formed Sanford and Son RC with Lucas in 2013. Sanford and Son RC relocated from San Diego, CA to Harker Heights, Texas in 2017.

Gloria Sanford (wife of Larry and mother to Lucas) is the co-founder of Sanford and Son RC. Gloria is in charge of media relations, and also handles promotions and event planning.