Frequently Asked Questions

We do not have a complicated pricing system. It is our job to find out what you need and give an accurate estimate before we begin any work. We normally require a deposit, with the balance to be paid only after the project is completed and you are happy with the work. If we underestimated the job, we will eat the difference.

We take the time to find out what a new customer wants, then do the analysis required to make sure what the customer wants truly aligns with the customer’s needs. We provide a detailed estimate up-front, and make sure that the customer understands exactly what will be delivered.

Many years of experience developing websites for DoD customers in the IT industry, along with years of consulting on various WordPress and Ecommerce (OpenCart CMS) development projects. Education includes classes in software development and programming in many different languages (COBOL, Fortran, Pascal, Java, PHP).

Many years ago, an aquaintance was starting a company selling Radio Controlled (RC) car parts and wheels, and he needed an Ecommerce website. He had 6 products. That website was developed using hand-written HTML in NotePad. That customer is still a customer today, and now sells over 350 products. We recently updated this customer’s site to be mobile-friendly, with outstanding results.

Small businesses and home-based businesses that want to sell their products on the web. We also develop CD ROM-based multimedia and CBT (Computer Based Training), and WBT (Web Based Training).

We developed an online shopping cart for DE Racing, located at We were able to use the OpenCart shopping cart system and get our customer’s store up on the web in a very short time. Our customer also requires frequent updates (adding new products), and we are available at any hour to update their site.

Ask for references. Follow up with those references. If the references do not provide a glowing recommendation, then shop somewhere else. Also, ask the developer for work samples and web links of existing customers.

  1. What I want vs. what I need. Those are not always the same thing.
  2. What is my budget?
  3. When do I need the work done?